Wanted: Senior Leader Who Gets It Done

Change is a Constant

Did you wake up recently and realize that your people are working harder than ever, but your organization always seems to keep falling behind the competition?

Have you come to the realization that you are in a global market but lack the strategy, tools and leadership to really compete and succeed?

Are there problems that--regardless of how much you try--your organization can never seem to really resolve?

Over the past few years has your organization experienced

  • Declining EBIT, Gross Margins, or Both?
  • Stagnant or Declining Top Line?
  • Market Position Under Pressure/Declining?
  • Cost Burden Expanding?
  • Organization Less Responsive to Market Needs?
  • Lack of Cooperation among Departments?
  • Increasing Business Process Obsolescence?
  • Higher Turnover in Experienced Employees?
  • Exodus of Key Leaders?
  • Cash Flow/Working Capital Challenges?
  • Significant Production Process Variances?
  • Plummeting Expectations--and Results?

If you answered YES to some of these questions then perhaps I can help.

I am currently the Global VP for Program Management in an international organization that produces a variety of OEM baseline industrial materials. We work with some of the largest industrial producers in the world. And I'm the guy who goes in and solves the problems that occur globally in our organization.

I'm currently searching for a full time senior leadership position in a mid-size industrial company (not as a consultant) that wants to do better but maybe is not quite sure how.  I'm very experienced in solving problems, leading teams (large and small, domestic and global) and getting bottom line results throughout a variety of organizations.  I would like to be that contribution for your company and get the same type of success in an increasingly challenging market environment.

On this website I have put a selection of the concepts which underline my business philosophy--a philosophy that will significantly enhance your bottom line once implemented. If you are interested in learning more please drop me an e-mail me at
info@timetoimprove.net and I will get back to you.  Or you can contact me on my personal mobile at 1-518-253-1509 and we can talk.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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